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    Are all of your products vegan? 

    Absolutely! Mooshoes is a vegan-owned company specializing in cruelty-free footwear, accessories, and more. We work with our vendors to confirm that the shoes that we carry do not have any animal derivatives - from the uppers, soles, laces, and adhesives. Many of the brands that we feature in our shop are entirely vegan companies, while others are accidentally vegan. 

    Do you have a retail location where I can try on shoes and play with rescue cats?

    Our NYC storefront is home to rescue cats that are happy to meet you! Check out our locations and hours of operation here

    Is everything from your online store available at your retail location?

    Most of the inventory from our online store is available at our storefront. If you are making a special trip to our storefront, please call ahead to check on availability. We are happy to place items on hold for 48 hours.

    May I place an order over the phone?

    Yes! Our staff is available to assist customers with phone orders during our regular hours of operation. You can call our NYC store at 212.254.6512.


    How are domestic orders shipped?

    You can view our shipping policy here.


    Do you ship outside the U.S.?


    MooShoes gladly ships worldwide. Our shipping options + rates may be viewed here

    How do I know what size I wear in European or UK sizes?

    Conversions will be listed in the drop-down menu of a product. If you have any further questions feel free to email us, we’re happy to advise.


    Are your products people-friendly as well as animal-friendly?

    As a small business driven by ethics, we support brands that are worker-friendly and sweatshop-free. A large portion of the products in our shop are made in union factories in the EU and Brazil, in strictly regulated worker-friendly factories. We include country of origin and manufacturing details on our product pages to allow customers to make informed decisions about their purchases. We carry only a few brands that are mass-produced in order to provide a lower price point to make vegan shoes accessible for all.

    Feel free to drop us a line at for additional information on any items that you may be interested in. 

    What are the shoes made out of? 

    Many of the shoes we carry, including our house brand Novacas, are made of a high quality microfiber polyurethane that is free of PVC, plastic, and vinyl. This is a woven synthetic that breaks in, stretches, and breathes very similarly to leather or suede. Brands that use this material include Novacas, Good Guys, Bhava, Vegetarian Shoes, and Sydney Brown, among others. These materials are naturally water resistant  and durable.

    Some brands like Ahimsa, Veja, and Saucony use cotton canvas. Insecta makes their shoes out of upcycled materials using vintage or leftover deadstock fabric, and their soles are made from recycled materials. Please refer to product pages for specific fabric information for each shoe.

    Do you carry wide width shoes?

    We always have styles that run on the wider side that we can recommend, you can check out women's styles here and men's styles here, or just shoot us an email

    Aren’t faux leather materials worse for the environment than real leather? 

    This is unfortunately a common misconception. Alternatives to leather have come a long way over the years, and the microfiber materials we use involve a strictly regulated production process which uses only a few grams of chemical per ton and considerably less waste than their leather counterparts. The materials we use in our Novacas collection are EU EcoLabel certified and sustainably milled in Italy.

    Leather production involves dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, cyanide-based dyes, and mineral salts. Most leather is then coated in a plastic in order to preserve it. Not to mention the massive amounts of water and resources that go into raising and slaughtering animals for leather (another misconception is that leather is solely a by-product of the meat industry.) 

    Why are the shoes priced the way they are?

    Most of the shoes we carry are made in strictly regulated, worker-friendly, ethical facilities in Europe and Brazil. This means that the factories are smaller and often family-owned, workers are paid fair wages and work normal hours, and there is no child labor. Paying workers a fair wage, as well as using the highest quality vegan materials possible add to the price. This also adds to the lifespan of the shoe, so a more expensive pair of vegan shoes should last for a long time (an investment piece!) as opposed to frequently buying a new pair of cheaper shoes that fall apart quickly.


    How do I clean the shoes? Should I spray them with waterproofer?

    Shoes can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dirt. Collonil makes a bamboo lotion cleaner that helps remove dirt. Soles can be cleaned with a gentle all-purpose cleaner.

    For shoes made out of faux leather materials, you can spray them with waterproofer if you wish to though they are naturally water-resistant. We like Collonil’s water-proofing spray but you can use whatever you prefer.

    Vegetarian Shoes makes black and clear polish for polishing shoes, though if you have another brand of polish, it’s safe to use on vegan shoes as well.

    Most of the shoes aren’t too fussy and can be cleaned easily, but feel free to drop us a line at with further questions.